The Leaf

There was a little leaf that was budding from its mother's branch. As the bud begins to grow into a little tender leaf, it begins to notice the world around it. The leaf felted the wind that blew. The little leaf noticed the flowers, grass, and birds that set up a nest in its mother's branches. "Oh, how I wish to see the more of the world," said the little leaf. The mother said to her tender leaf, "Not yet my child. As you grow a litter bigger, you will become a large tree one day, but for now, you must stay under my care." The little leaf said, "No, mother, I want to see the world now." One day as the wind was blowing, the leaf managed to help push itself off the mother's branch, fell to the ground, and drifted along with the breeze of the wind. It saw the flowers, it felt the grass, and it saw the rocks. 

As the wind carried the leaf across the land, the wind blew the little leaf between some rocks. The leaf got stuck and was unable to free itself from the rocks. “On no, what I am going to do,” cried the little leaf? As days and weeks went by, the leaf could not loosen itself from the rocks. Each day as the sun shined, it seemed hotter than the day before, and the leaf could not get any water or moisture. Soon the little leaf dried up and withered away.

Adam and Eve thought if they eat the forbidden fruit from the garden, they would be in better charge of their lives. Not understanding the full impact of their lives when they departed from God’s instructions.

Adam and Eve thought if they ate the forbidden fruit from the garden, they would be in control of their lives, not understanding the full impact of their lives when they departed from God’s instructions.

Are there places in your life that have caused you to stray away from God’s care?

Do you think that you can handle any situation without God?


If so, pray this prayer with me.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you with a humble heart. I thought I was able to handle the situation alone. I repent for leaving you out. I cast this problem upon you because I know you care for me. Please help me, Father, and put me back under your care. In Jesus’ name.